Light Up To Live Announces Patriotic Service Dog Veteran Placement

Randall Reed, Light Up To Live; co-founder; Erin, Veteran & New Service Dog Handler; Tom Tackett, Patriotic Service Dog Foundation

Light Up To Live pleased to share a wonderful update about Jackel, one of the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation pups that were supported by our 2018 Gala fundraiser. The Labradoodle, named after one of our fallen heroes, Sgt. Stephen Jackel, is now a Certified Service Dog. He has been placed with his Navy Veteran Erin Alexander, who lives in Utah and attends college. Erin was a Damage Controlman Third Class and served on the USS Harry S. Truman CVN 75 with two Deployments, and the USS Mahan DDG 72 with one Deployment.

The Light Up To Live charity, founded by Randall and Sherry Reed, first partnered with the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation in 2018. Through the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation efforts, wounded Veterans are matched with highly trained service dogs that allow their new partners to become more independent, self-confident, and comfortable with life outside of the military.

The Reed family was proud to be part of helping provide two very special service dogs that year, Gentle Ben and Jackel. During the 2018 Gala, multiple patrons donated funds via Light Up To Live to help raise and train the service dogs. Upon completing training, each continued to train with their Veteran “handler” and now are serving by their side each day.

The future looks bright for Erin and Jackel. Both are enjoying attending college. As for Light Up To Live and the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation, two more service dogs are already preparing to serve thanks to the Reeds and our Light Up To Live supporters. The 2019 service dog, named Lincoln, is a yellow Labrador who is already doing well in the program.  In 2019, Randall and Sherry Reed donated the 2020 Patriotic Service Dog, named Star, who is already living up to her name.

Follow us on social and watch our eNews and blogs for more updates about the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation and events where you can be part of helping light the way to hope for our Veterans.

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