David and Jane Melone have donated 100 polychromatic light therapy systems to the Light Up To Live Foundation. In turn, the foundation will donate them to members of the U.S. Armed Forces and Veterans living with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), pain, and depression. The systems are used to increase blood flow and reduce pain in the body. The total retail value of all of these systems is an estimated $500,000.

“We are excited to share this wonderful technology with members of the U.S. Armed Forces and Veterans who are living with the debilitating symptoms of PTS and service-related injuries. Light therapy is one more tool in the toolbox that can be used to help get our Veterans back to their best health,” said David Melone. “Polychromatic light therapy is ever-evolving, and there is hope in the industry that its use will continue to grow.

Randall Reed, founder of the Light Up To Live Foundation, based in Dallas and a proponent of polychromatic light therapy said, “This gift from David and Jane will help us get some real traction in terms of putting polychromatic light therapy systems in the hands of Veterans with PTS who may most benefit from its use. We raise money to purchase them, but this gift will allow us to do other things to support our Veterans including funding highly trained service dogs and support programs for Veterans with injuries that may require adaptive training and support.”

Reed, his wife, Sherry, and daughter, Shelby — who are best known as owners and founders of World Class Automotive Group based in Dallas — have supported Veterans causes for years in Texas and around the U.S., both personally and through Reed Family Enterprises.

Reed said Veterans may submit a brief application HERE to be considered for a polychromatic light therapy system. Ultimately, they will need to have a DD214 form to demonstrate their military service and related health need(s). All communications are HIPPA compliant.

“I want to encourage our Veterans who are struggling with pain, depression, suicidal thoughts, adaptive living challenges, to simply reach out to us as a resource,” added Ben Michael (USN Ret.), a Light Up To Live board member and 38-year-old Veteran. “We want to help and connect you with some of our charitable partners including 22KILL, Adaptive Training Foundation, REACT, Task Force Dagger and the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation. Together, we are doing some amazing work to help our Veterans.”

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