Randall Reed with Marcus and Amber Capone

Light Up To Live Foundation is proud to join forces and support the life-saving work of VETS, Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions, Inc. Since 2023, the foundation has provided tens of thousands of dollars to help the scientifically-backed therapies available via VETS. Founded by retired U.S. Navy SEAL Marcus Capone and his wife, Amber, the organization is on a mission to end the Veteran suicide epidemic. Since 2019, the non-profit has provided resources, research, and advocacy for U.S. military Veterans seeking medically supervised, psychedelic-assisted therapies for traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), addiction, and other health conditions.

Light Up To Live is shedding light on this innovative treatment and opportunities by funding more Veterans to receive this new therapeutic option. Since VETS started, they have provided grants for over a thousand U.S. Veterans to receive psychedelic-assisted therapy treatment outside the U.S., as well as preparation and integration coaching. VETS believes this therapy can lay a foundation for further healing that enables continued progress across various therapeutic modalities.

Marcus Capone knows first-hand how life-changing this therapy can be. “After so many failed treatments, I felt that I had nothing to lose at that point.” When my treatment was a complete success, I knew we had to pay this forward to other combat veterans,” he shared. When Marcus was medically retired after 13 years and multiple combat deployments, he and his wife, Amber, thought life would return to normal. However, they discovered the real struggles were beginning. Marcus began experiencing a multitude of challenges, including depression, isolation, cognitive impairment, excessive alcohol use, headaches, insomnia, and impulsivity.

Marcus was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress (PTS). While he had tried various treatments, nothing was working as they had hoped. Amber felt there was more to be discovered after learning about the effects of blast waves concussive and sub-concussive brain injuries, combined with his prior years of contact sports. Marcus was with the invisible wounds of traumatic brain injury (TBI), a condition that has significant overlap with PTSD and is often not correctly diagnosed. It wasn’t until she learned of this unique treatment option and Marcus went through the program that they found change, hope, healing, and the calling to help others, too.


Through our foundation, VETS offers Healing Grants and provides funding, coaching, and additional resources for Veterans seeking treatment with psychedelic-assisted therapies.


VETS supports scientific research into the benefits and risks of these unique therapies for treating TBI, PTSD, addiction, and other conditions affecting veterans.


VETS works to reduce the stigmas associated with mental health and psychedelic therapies and ensures that Veterans have access to the most effective healthcare options.

Help Light Up To Live Foundation helps Veterans needing life-changing therapeutic options. Join forces & give today.