Light Up To Live Foundation is the only organization in Texas and 48 states that gives polychromatic light therapy systems to members of the U.S. Armed Forces and Veterans living with Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, Pain and Depression. It also funds highly trained service dogs for veterans with adaptive needs. The Foundation is dedicated to connecting military members and their families to other organizations that are in alignment with its mission of lighting a path to better health. Light Up to Live Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity based in Dallas and founded by Randall and Sherry Reed, owners of the World Class Automotive Group.

Co-Founder, Light Up To Live Foundation

Randall Reed is CEO of Reed Family Enterprises, a million-dollar entity that encompasses World Class Automotive Operations and real estate industries. As part of a military family, he founded Light Up To Live after working with many veterans who were returning home from active duty. He learned of the need for rehabilitation services for Veterans suffering with post traumatic stress, brain injury, pain and depression.

Co-Founder, Light Up To Live Foundation

As a member of a military family, Sherry has a passion for assisting the needs of our military forces both at home and abroad. Sherry and Randall founded the charity after seeing the effects of war on Veterans in a documentary.
Through the foundation, the family wants to support military veterans by lighting a path to hope on their road to recovery.


Registration for the 7th Annual Light Up To Live Clay Shoot on October 16, 2024, will open soon. We look forward to another amazing day of clay shooting, games, catered lunch and prizes at Elm Fork Shooting Sports. To sign up for registration alerts or inquire about sponsorship opportunities, fill out the form below. Thank you for supporting our Veterans.

Ready to tee up for another great fundraising event to support our military men and women? We’re already practicing for our 8th Annual Golf Tournament at Cowboys Golf Club on October 17, 2024. Sign up for registration alerts or to learn about Light Up to Live sponsorships.


Light Up To Live Foundation provides polychromatic light therapy systems and highly trained service dogs to members of the U.S. Armed Forces and Veterans living with the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress, TBI, pain, and depression. The Dallas-based 501(c)(3) charity connects and supports like-minded organizations that benefit this community.


  • Polychromatic LED Light Therapy Systems purchased and donated to partner charities that provide physical and emotional therapy to Veterans learning adaptive skills.
  • Polychromatic LED Light Therapy Systems donated to and for personal use by Veterans to utilize systems away from their physical therapy center, including home or work.
  • Funding of Service Dogs trained specifically for Veterans with post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury to enhance their daily adaptive living needs. This includes 24 months of training, canine food, and veterinary care.
  • Supports partner charities that provide innovative, scientifically backed medical therapies, such as physician-assisted psychedelic compound treatment including iboga/ibogaine, ketamine, psilocybin, MDMA, 5-MeO-DMT, and ayahuasca. For questions or details, visit Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS).


If you would like to volunteer to help with these events, please give us your information and we will contact you.

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