Executive Director

Maureen Ellis is the Light Up To Live Foundation’s Executive Director. She is a long-time resident of Dallas with 25 years of volunteer experience supporting many charitable foundations within the Dallas community. Maureen offers our volunteers, sponsors, and partners a helpful voice and is a key point of contact throughout the year. She’s here to assist anyone interested in participation or sponsorships for the annual Light Up To Live fundraising events. She can be reached via phone at 214-379-1445 or by email at

Legal Counsel

Serves as legal counsel to the Foundation. He has served in the U.S. Army for over a decade as an officer in Information Operations, the Judge Advocate General’s Corps., and the Infantry. He is a graduate of the U.S. Airborne, Air Assault, and Ranger Schools. He studied at Fordham University Law School and began practice in 2009.


Tom Boland is the controller for Light Up To Live Foundation. He is a CPA, CGMA and Controller with an MBA and with 20 years of experience. He and his wife enjoy volunteering as part of giving back to the community.

Planning Committee

Charles McCann, Vice President of Operations for Reed Family Enterprises, brings his passion for developing and maintaining organizational frameworks to the Light Up To Live Foundation. He is continuously looking for ways to improve operations for the Foundation, in order to help those who serve.

Marketing Communications
Planning Committee

Jodie Morris is a global marketing director with 25 years hands‐on experience in tactical planning, external partner negotiations, contract development, and strategic brand management and legal matters. Her expertise spans across array of platforms. She organizes and manages event and marketing matters for the Light Up To Live Foundation.

Planning Committee

Sheena Sharapata has vast experience in marketing, events, promotions as well as recruitment and training. She has a passion for people and helping our military heroes. She coordinates fundraising events for Veteran as well as community needs. She enjoys volunteering and giving back to those who have given so much for our country. She is currently the Community Relations/Training Director for Planet Ford 635 in Garland. A rock-star volunteer in Garland and advocate for the veteran community at large.

Marketing Communications

Kimyla Guice has worked in major-market media and marketing for over 25 years. She serves as the marketing project coordinator who manages a variety of foundation tasks, from social planning to event material creation in tandem with the entire Light Up To Live marketing team.

Marketing Communications

Mary Dorn is a creative marketing designer who assists Light Up To Live with design projects ranging from web and social media to print materials for all their events. Her favorite thing about her work is helping organizations present a strong brand image through design.


Registration for the 7th Annual Light Up To Live Clay Shoot on October 16, 2024, will open soon. We look forward to another amazing day of clay shooting, games, catered lunch and prizes at Elm Fork Shooting Sports. To sign up for registration alerts or inquire about sponsorship opportunities, fill out the form below. Thank you for supporting our Veterans.

Ready to tee up for another great fundraising event to support our military men and women? We’re already practicing for our 8th Annual Golf Tournament at Cowboys Golf Club on October 17, 2024. Sign up for registration alerts or to learn about Light Up to Live sponsorships.


Light Up To Live Foundation provides polychromatic light therapy systems and highly trained service dogs to members of the U.S. Armed Forces and Veterans living with the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress, TBI, pain, and depression. The Dallas-based 501(c)(3) charity connects and supports like-minded organizations that benefit this community.


  • Polychromatic LED Light Therapy Systems purchased and donated to partner charities that provide physical and emotional therapy to Veterans learning adaptive skills.
  • Polychromatic LED Light Therapy Systems donated to and for personal use by Veterans to utilize systems away from their physical therapy center, including home or work.
  • Funding of Service Dogs trained specifically for Veterans with post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury to enhance their daily adaptive living needs. This includes 24 months of training, canine food, and veterinary care.
  • Supports partner charities that provide innovative, scientifically backed medical therapies, such as physician-assisted psychedelic compound treatment including iboga/ibogaine, ketamine, psilocybin, MDMA, 5-MeO-DMT, and ayahuasca. For questions or details, visit Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS).


If you would like to volunteer to help with these events, please give us your information and we will contact you.

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