I would like to give a huge thank you to the Light Up To Live Foundation and all that support it. The polychromatic light therapy system that I was given has aided me in alleviating the pains that I have lived with for years. By having this system at home to help me between the therapy sessions I am able to do normal everyday functions again and have even seen improvements in my therapy sessions. Thank you again for all that you do.

Kyle - USMC
I want to thank Light Up to Live Foundation for the led light therapy system that was donated to me. Because of the poor circulation and neuropathy the LED light therapy system has been a tremendous help. The system has allowed me to do things with a lot less pain. Again, thank you very much.
Paul - USAF

I wanted to express my appreciation again to say I am grateful to be a recipient of a light system. My highly active lifestyle is a vital component to my approach toward holistic health. The light system directly enhances my rest, recovery, relaxation, and restoration following intense training sessions, and it allows me to continue training without interruption from injury. The benefits of this light system touch all aspects of my health and active lifestyle from full-body recovery, enhanced sleep quality, and overall stress management. Thank you, Light Up to Live, for your healing touch!

With my utmost, heartfelt gratitude,

Kate, US Army, Ret.

Statistics show that twenty-two U.S. military veterans commit suicide per day. After serving in the Air Force, I fell victim to PTSD and the constant anguish it caused in my life. Struggling every day to find the hope to continue on put me in one of the darkest places of my life. The depression, the non-stop anxiety, the terrifying nightmares, and the fear that consumed my every day started to negatively impact my relationships with others. I turned to therapists a few different times, but still could not move forward. After a little over seven years of feeling defeated, I took the advice of another fellow veteran and looked into getting a service dog. I was a bit skeptical at first, and just couldn’t imagine a dog being able to help me out of the deep hole I was in.

In October 2020, I hopped on a plane and flew to Murrieta, California. The Patriotic Service Dog Foundation welcomed me with open arms to their ranch. After just a short time there on the ranch, I was introduced to a beautiful Labrador Retriever named Lincoln. From the moment Lincoln ran up to me with so much excitement and enthusiasm I felt a strong connection. It was almost as if there was this instant bond between him and I, and I just knew he was the one. Lincoln has become my best friend and my “shadow”. His hard work, dedication, love, and loyalty means everything to me. His display of intelligence while performing critical tasks helps ease my mind and stress throughout each day. He “blocks” for me, creating a comfort-zone between me and anyone I might be uncomfortable with. He recognizes when my anxiety level is rising, and becomes playful, demanding my attention until I am refocused on him. He helps keep me grounded in times of high anxiety using pressure therapy, with the weight of his body either laying across my feet or pressing up against my legs. Lincoln loves to go everywhere with me, and going out has become more enjoyable and manageable. His alertness to everyday life and the assurance he offers lets me know if I have a reason to be concerned in any given situation.

Lincoln is my everything and I cannot imagine life without him! I am forever grateful for the Light Up To Live Foundation for sponsoring Lincoln and providing support for his training at the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation. Both foundations are near and dear to my heart, and have become a huge part of my family now. With their support and service to veterans, individuals like myself have another chance at living a happier, more fulfilling life.

LaTosha, USAF, Ret., and her service dog, Lincoln

Within the first two weeks of having the chair and light system my pain level went from 8’s on a daily basis down to 4’s sometimes 3’s, I’m amazed at the light system because it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the science of light; I just know that it works and I am using it about 4-5 times a week depending on my pain.
The chair is all that they say it is and more, I work 50-60 hours a week as a Truck Driver hauling construction equipment and it has proven itself on construction sites, football fields, parks, out in the yard and everywhere I want to go, both of these most precious gifts are beyond words in expressing how much they have enriched my Life, such a great asset to assist me with comfort and rest as I continue my journey.


My name is James Marttila and I would first like to say thank you for sponsoring Doc. I am a Veteran of the United States Navy, which I served in for 6 years. Sorry if this letter sounds weird but I do not usually talk about myself. Serving in the Navy was one of the greatest times in my life. It gave me purpose and honor in serving the greatest nation. I was deployed in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and parts of Africa. 

Since being out of the Navy, I always believed that I was okay and handling life great, but when my wife, daughter, and friends suggested that I needed to get help, I decided to see what my options were. It was hard for me to search for help since I always feel that there is always another Veteran out there that needs help more than I do. Especially when you hear what limited funds there are and Vets that are homeless or need medical help that cannot get it. I feel that my Brothers in Arms need it more. 

My friends Chris and Jen Thomas suggested I talk to Tom and Terri and look into getting a service dog. I was paired up with Doc and there are no words that I could say on how grateful and honored I am to have Doc in my life. I needed Doc even more recently. I have been going through an even tougher time lately. I have been seeing a neurologist because I just started to have seizures. I was told by my doctor that due to my past head trauma I now have epilepsy and will have seizures for the rest of my life. My whole life I have always tried to do everything on my own and now having to rely on others is just so hard for me to come to grips with. 

When Doc is near me, he gives the feeling of having my brothers that I served with by my side again. All he wants to do is help me without judgement or sympathy. I thank you all for sponsoring such a wonderful FRIEND.  Y’all have to have a great heart to sponsor a service dog for someone that you don’t know. I will never be able to repay the kindness that your organization and Patriotic Service Dog Foundation has done for all the Veterans and myself. 

James - USN, Ret., and his service dog, Doc

My name is Edward Jones; since my amputation in March of 21, I never went a day without intense phantom pain. I was gifted a LED light system from the Light Up To Live Foundation in Dallas, Texas. I use the system every day, reducing my phantom pain from an 8 to a 2. I am an amputee above the knee, and the light system has allowed me to continue my progress. Thank you, Ms. Ellis, and the Light Up To Live Foundation. You have helped me tremendously.

Edward, USN, Retired

First and foremost, I want to personally thank Light Up To Live Foundation not only for the services they provide to wounded service members like me, but I want to thank them for providing me with the Light Therapy System that has changed my life. 

I knew nothing about polychromatic light therapy, but after learning about it and now using it for over three months – it has changed my life, physically and mentally.  After being wounded in combat from an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) I’ve lived with a Traumatic Brian Injury (TBI) along with many other physical ailments for years.  In just over three months after using the Light Therapy System, I can do things I wasn’t fully able to do before the use of the Light Therapy System from my cognitive behavior to my mobility which was limited.  I’m now a believer in polychromatic light therapy and I will forever use my Light Therapy System. 

Major (Ret.) Eric - US Army
I want to thank the Light Up To Live Foundation for the donation of the polychromatic light therapy system. I am amazed how it has helped relieve the pain I have been dealing with for many years. Having a light system at home is beneficial as I can instantly get therapy when needed. My wife and adult children are also able to use it, which is amazing. Thank you for your support and your donation.
Rick - SFC (US Army Retired)

Being able to have the polychromatic light therapy system at home has been an enormous game changer regarding how I am able to recover and how I can prioritize my recovery. I have been solidly utilizing my system since receiving it and I feel that I can definitely feel a positive difference moving towards my recovery from workouts. The ease of use and the generosity in which the unit was donated, I can’t thank the Light Up To Live Foundation and all of the donors enough. This device is assisting me in everyday recovery and health! Thank you so much.

Kate Hwang
Thank you so much Light Up To Live for this amazing red light therapy kit. Going down to ATF & learning about multiple ways of recovery was a game changer for my daily living & for my adaptive sports career. I didn’t realize how much this would help, but keeping on a routine & using the system daily has been phenomenal! I really appreciate all your hard work & your help in getting this product out to all of us disabled veterans!
Mike Murphy, ATF Veteran & PLT Recipient

I wanted to thank Light Up To Live for gifting me the light therapy system. I have neuropathy and other muscle pain and it has helped my tremendously physically. I can do some things I couldn’t do before. It’s awesome that I can use the therapy any time at home and on the road as I travel a lot… my wife can use it as well and she has brought down her pain level. Once again, thank you so much for helping me and my fellow brothers and sisters in arms. God bless y’all!

Mike Y., Army Veteran

Almost seven years ago, I was a passenger in a tactical military vehicle that was involved in an offroad crash. As a result, I incurred several long-term injuries to my back and neck. Prior to receiving my light therapy system, I was suffering daily with severe pain, stiffness, nerve issues, and numbness which were drastically and negatively impacting every aspect of my life and overall health. I had spent the previous three months visiting a chiropractor 2-3 times per week, for back and neck adjustments to help manage the pain (to include traction sessions), which came with an additional out-of-pocket cost of almost $200 per week.

The daily mental anguish/depression which resulted from dealing these physical symptoms created a separate and equal level of suffering on almost a more intense scale. Once I received my light therapy system, I immediately began utilizing it twice a day for 20 minutes per session. After just over two months of use, the positive effects and complete reduction of pain have been nothing short of spectacular! I have stopped my weekly chiropractic care and my daily use of NSAIDs to help manage the pain, simply because the pain is no longer there.

Being completely honest, the light therapy system has relieved/eliminated ALL my symptoms listed above to the 99% level. I’m not certain that, medically speaking, I would be correct in saying I have been completely 100% “healed” as some of the underlying/internal physical injuries that were originally causing the pain, are most likely still present in my body to some degree. However, what I do know for complete certain is that I am essentially “pain free” from all of those symptoms in my daily life. I would like to offer a heartfelt and energetic “THANK YOU!!!” to the Light Up To Live Foundation for graciously gifting me one of their light therapy systems. I will be forever grateful to have been a recipient of one of these life-changing devices. I will continue to be an advocate for light therapy; sharing my story and amazing results with other military veterans, family, and friends for as long as I am able!

Frank, USAF Veteran

I’ve been using the InLight Therapy system for approximately 45 days & I am amazed with the transformation that I’ve seen. Over the past 15 years, I’ve had major pain in all my joints. Four years in the Infantry & 16 years in Special Forces takes a toll on the body. Doctors have told me that I need a shoulder and knee replacement. I also have constant back pain. I was blessed to have been selected to receive the InLight Therapy system. I use this system every day for about 45 minutes. I started noticing progress within the first two days. Forty-five days later I can say that I am pain-free… I’m so thankful for the Light Up To Live Foundation. Such an incredible organization that truly cares for our veterans.

George M. Veterans

After a year of seeing shades of brown and tan and olive drab, there I was, surrounded by blues, greens, yellows, trees, cars, and people. The sky was blue; the air was clean and fresh. It was near overwhelming to be back in a place I missed. Like a commercial, I waved, smiled, and returned congratulatory handshakes.
Still, it all seemed foreign; a place I should recognize but didn’t.

A Different Road Home

Medical appointments, doctors, medications, physical therapy, speech therapy, behavioral health, advisors, psychiatrists. My life became a life of blur; punctuated by question marks and commas.
Another year passed and I was handed a DD214 and a flag of 13 folds encased in a triangular, wooden frame. With only the back door and the curb waiting, I went from uniform to ghost.

On Being a Ghost

The hardest part of life to explain; to put into words, is the sense of guarding the very soul of who you had become. The exhaustion of performance; putting on the remembered face of the past. Trying to ignore the veil of unfamiliarity, the sense that time moved differently. Being separated from reality by seconds on some days, and, by canyons the next.
How to explain the heart racing panic that standing alone is wrong to the very bone? How to make anyone understand what it was to stand between reality and remembering? How much of you was left in the hot, dry, desert heat; or, what had come back instead?
Anger brewing and boiling, seconds from exploding. Lashing out at the ignorance. Where was the seriousness, the concern? War raged, people were dying, were coming back in pieces, life lost and lives changed. Forever. Wanting to stand and scream. Forever.

The Cost and the Irony

Coming Home is different from Being Home. Going to sleep in one place, then, suddenly awaken in another. Feeling the heart stopping alarm that something was wrong. You find yourself crawling along the floor in the darkness. Your heart pounding, breath catching; staying quiet and still as you listen. Then, like a magical curse lifting , you find yourself inches from falling down the stairs of your own home. Anger and frustration. Then dawn, where another fucking days starts over.

As Bad as That

Every day bleeds into the next. Blinds drawn. Doors and windows locked. Remembering things inside is better, outside sounds can happen, people can happen. You can control the inside. You can’t be judged inside. No decisions inside.
Same clothes, same food, same meds, same alcohol; same exhaustion of being alive.
Time continued without me. The people I pushed away, finally stayed away. All I had left was anger, pain, and uselessness.

A Fork in the Road

Somewhere, in the part of me that wanted to be alive, the words “Service Dog” floated.
The haunted side of me argued that I had yet to decided to commit to another day; or even a month. A future commitment beyond that seemed more of a prison sentence than a life.
Then, some how, I found myself driving to Murrieta. To meet everyone at the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation.
It’s wrong to say it was easy. Some days the faint scent of failure lingered in the air. The Triple T Ranch meant a time to work. To learn how to stand out in the light of day. To be encouraged to find the company of people, to make conversation. To enjoy Tom’s bbq ribs and salted potatoes.
Most importantly, when I was handed the leash of a beautiful German Shepherd named Kelly, I realized that I had made the commitment to keep trying.

To Be Continued

Dogs are honest. When Kelly wags his tail, he’s happy. When he yawns, he’s tired.
He doesn’t care when I jumble my words or when I stumble over uneven ground.
When I awaken in the night, he’s there. I can tell him things I could never say to anyone else.
He has my back. I have his back. We are a team. My life has not been cured. But it’s the remedy in which we find our way.

A Veteran & His Service Dog


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Light Up To Live Foundation provides polychromatic light therapy systems and highly trained service dogs to members of the U.S. Armed Forces and Veterans living with the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress, TBI, pain, and depression. The Dallas-based 501(c)(3) charity connects and supports like-minded organizations that benefit this community.


  • Polychromatic LED Light Therapy Systems purchased and donated to partner charities that provide physical and emotional therapy to Veterans learning adaptive skills.
  • Polychromatic LED Light Therapy Systems donated to and for personal use by Veterans to utilize systems away from their physical therapy center, including home or work.
  • Funding of Service Dogs trained specifically for Veterans with post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury to enhance their daily adaptive living needs. This includes 24 months of training, canine food, and veterinary care.
  • Supports partner charities that provide innovative, scientifically backed medical therapies, such as physician-assisted psychedelic compound treatment including iboga/ibogaine, ketamine, psilocybin, MDMA, 5-MeO-DMT, and ayahuasca. For questions or details, visit Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS).


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